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Person-Centered Care in Long-Term Care Facilities

Introduction There has been a tremendous surge in recommendations to implement patient-centered care in hospitals and other care facilities, such as nursing homes. By definition,…
Topic: Health Words: 1359 Pages: 4

The Importance of Nurses in the 21st Century

Nurses are essential in ensuring patient safety and quality of care, preventing infection control, and combating antimicrobial resistance. Nurses are influential in delivering primary health…
Topic: Health Words: 250 Pages: 1

The Job of the Nurse Administrator

When people think of nursing, they frequently reinforce the misconception that nurses can only be guided and supervised by doctors or physicians, whereas the nurses’…
Topic: Health Words: 368 Pages: 1

Issues of Birth Control and Fertility

Introduction The topic of birth control has been widely studied but remains controversial because of the lack of education among the population, both younger and…
Topic: Health Words: 1374 Pages: 5

A Psychiatric Hospital Proposition Project

Fictional Agency This project presents a psychiatric hospital proposition. The name of the select agency is the Center for Psychiatric Care Research Support (CPRS). The…
Topic: Health Words: 1336 Pages: 7

Why Adults Should Receive a COVID-19 Vaccine

Introduction Ever since the COVID-19 disease emerged, many individuals have had different theories around infectious diseases and the importance of vaccination. Many people have died…
Topic: Health Words: 2173 Pages: 8

Research Methods Used in the Medical Field

Any researcher must use specific research methods to structure a study and gather and analyze the information relevant to the study. A researcher typically would…
Topic: Health Words: 608 Pages: 2

How Mental Illness Affects the Black Community

Introduction Mental illnesses affect people of all races and present a significant medical issue. However, the Black community representatives are, on average, 10% more likely…
Topic: Health Words: 1726 Pages: 6

Cell Phones and Health Relations

Reason(s) for Selecting Topic Since cell phones are highly widespread, with over 5 billion individuals worldwide using them, there is a need for research on…
Topic: Health Words: 1106 Pages: 4

Identification of a Population in the Community

My particular community, which is the object of this project, is White, Black, and Hispanic populations. It considers both males and females determined as White…
Topic: Health Words: 315 Pages: 1

Role of Antibiograms in Infectious Disease Epidemiology

One of the most critical tools available to hospital epidemiologists and healthcare practitioners is the antibiogram. By definition, an antibiogram is an assemblage of epidemiology…
Topic: Health Words: 703 Pages: 2

Congestive Heart Failure: Risk Factors, Influence

Congestive heart failure (CHF), popularly known as heart failure, affects a significant population globally. According to Mayo Clinic (2020), CHF refers to a chronic condition,…
Topic: Health Words: 312 Pages: 1

The Impact of COVID-19 on First Responders

Introduction First responders continue to play a critical role in managing COVID-19 cases across the United States. Various elements are likely to contribute to the…
Topic: Health Words: 1153 Pages: 4

Durkheim’s Types of Suicide and COVID-19

Egoistic suicide has likely increased somewhat with the advent of COVID-19 and the circumstances that it has created. People who engage in this type of…
Topic: Health Words: 557 Pages: 2

Addressing the Issue of Medication Errors

Introduction Administering drugs is one of the essential tasks of healthcare professionals. It is a complex procedure that involves “counting, calculating, measuring, mixing and ensuring…
Topic: Health Words: 940 Pages: 3

Depression in Older Adults

Introduction Depression can affect the well-being of all people regardless of their age, gender, or social status. However, older adults are more likely to be…
Topic: Health Words: 1219 Pages: 4

Contributions Nurses Can Make

Nursing professionals try to provide high-quality care to meet patients’ needs and ensure the best patient outcomes. One of the ways nurses at our hospital…
Topic: Health Words: 292 Pages: 1

Current Challenges in Nursing and Solutions to Meet Them

Nursing practice is associated with diverse challenges associated with demographic and economic aspects. The COVID-19 pandemic made these problems in the U.S. healthcare system more…
Topic: Health Words: 559 Pages: 2

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