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Nursing Problem: Childhood Obesity Review

Obesity is becoming a major global challenge across all generations. The prevailing rise in childhood obesity has become a major public health concern among nurses…
Topic: Health Words: 595 Pages: 2

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Healthcare

This research focuses on racial and ethnic disparities in healthcare with a keen interest in chronic conditions in the patients. Racial disparities refer to imbalances…
Topic: Health Words: 1105 Pages: 4

Revisiting Public Health Informatics

Future of Informatics Every year, the processes related to technology and IT continue to evolve. Healthcare is transforming, as well as the way doctors handle…
Topic: Health Words: 652 Pages: 2

Moral and Ethical Issues of Abortion

Such a complicated and delicate bioethical subject as abortion caused the establishment of two opposing points of view. Many believe that artificial termination of pregnancy…
Topic: Health Words: 875 Pages: 3

Strategies on Patient Advocacy for Graduate Nurses

As primary caretakers of patients, nurses play a significant role in proposing more secure, effective methodologies that can affect the fate of their profession and…
Topic: Health Words: 345 Pages: 1

The Three Different Types of Diabetes

Introduction Scientifically termed as diabetes mellitus, diabetes constitutes a severe medical challenge afflicting people in virtually every part of the world. In this paper, attention…
Topic: Health Words: 923 Pages: 3

Medical Ethics Analysis

Introduction Ethical standards are essential in all employment settings. Consequently, it is necessary that DNP graduates be conversant with nursing codes of ethics. Additionally, DNP…
Topic: Health Words: 565 Pages: 2

Health History Interview Overview

Introduction These kinds of interviews are mainly concerned with getting important information from the patient concerning their health. The information is subjective. It is important…
Topic: Health Words: 1447 Pages: 5

Concept Analysis in Literature

Introduction Concept analysis brings about complete understanding of theories as well as their use in practice. Nursing career has numerous concepts that require deep understanding…
Topic: Health Words: 582 Pages: 2

Inter-Disciplinary and Intra-Disciplinary Collaboration

Introduction Every profession allows for inter-disciplinary and intra-disciplinary collaboration. This is significant in ensuring provision of quality services to clients. It also ensures that professionals…
Topic: Health Words: 577 Pages: 2

Overview of Theory of Nursing

Nursing theory Theory of nursing refers to a group of propositions, relationships, concepts, definitions, or concepts, which come from different fields or nursing models. These…
Topic: Health Words: 357 Pages: 2

Frequency Intensity Time and Type

Introduction Frequency Intensity Time and Type FITT, is a principle used in exercising that aim at getting the most out of a given program (Williamson,…
Topic: Health Words: 673 Pages: 6

Intervention Strategy in Reducing Patient Falls

Introduction This paper is an academic critique of the research report by Ang, Mordiffi, & Wong (2011) titled, ‘Evaluating the Use of a Targeted Multiple…
Topic: Health Words: 1821 Pages: 5

Stroke: A Cardiovascular Disease

A scientist named John Wafer in 1620 while studying the brain of a pig first developed the theory that explained how stroke occurred (Levine, 2008).…
Topic: Health Words: 862 Pages: 3

Us Health Care Policy on Obesity and the APN Role

Introduction Obesity is an abnormal medical condition in which excess fats accumulate in human bodies causing them to have more weight than expected (Dubé, 2010).…
Topic: Health Words: 1092 Pages: 4

Issues in Healthcare Human Resource Management

The US Healthcare system is considered one of the best quality-wise, but that quality is not sustained without sacrifices. The US healthcare is not universal,…
Topic: Health Words: 662 Pages: 2

Aromatic Ammonia Use as an Aversion Method

Introduction Aromatic ammonia is the type of aversion procedure aimed at preventing the individual from performing destructive behavior by associating unpleasant feelings with drastic actions.…
Topic: Health Words: 589 Pages: 2

Heart Disease and Stroke and Disparities Involved

Facilitating public health is one of the principal objectives of any government. Among many illnesses and health conditions, addressing heart disease and stroke is of…
Topic: Health Words: 209 Pages: 1

Mental Health Services in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Abstract The U.S. Virgin Islands is an incorporated and organized territory of the United States located in the Caribbean. The region can be characterized by…
Topic: Health Words: 1450 Pages: 5

Should All Nurses Be Considered Leaders?

Leaders are significant for every organization because they make decisions, motivate others, and lead to positive changes. When it comes to health care organizations, such…
Topic: Health Words: 290 Pages: 1

Counselor Impairment: Prevention and Implications

Counselor Impairment At the beginning of the XXI century, the problem of counselor impairment was revealed. The issue gives a cause for concern on account…
Topic: Health Words: 1235 Pages: 5

Providing Care for Undocumented Immigrants

It is essential to be aware of the issues that undocumented immigrants face each day, as they make up a large percentage of the United…
Topic: Health Words: 1135 Pages: 4

Mental Health Problems of Infants

The mental health problems of infants concern therapists from all over the world, as they have grievous consequences for an individual’s future. Children from the…
Topic: Health Words: 306 Pages: 1

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