The Most Frequently Asked ApeGrade Questions

On this page, we have collected the questions that our users ask us the most. If you have any questions about ApeGrade, please look through this section before sending us a request. With high probability, you will find a detailed answer here.

Where does ApeGrade take essay samples for the database?

Students willingly send us their essays and other writing to be added to our educational database. The ApeGrade team addresses high-school and university students with high academic performance to share their papers with other people. If they want, they may submit their essays to be published as samples for other students. This website has a page where anyone can submit their writing to our database.

Are your essay samples 100% free? Will there be any paywalls?

The papers stored in our database are absolutely free to use. Helping other students in any possible way is our mission. Meanwhile, we are against any cheating and violating school policies. For this reason, you can use the papers on our website only for research or reference purposes.

I would like to share my essay with other people. Can I?

ApeGrade team is decisively against academic fraud of any kind. We do everything possible to discourage students from cheating in their studies. We believe that writing is highly beneficial for everyone’s development as a professional. Meanwhile, we realize that some people do better in written assignments than others. For this reason, we decided to provide access to free essay examples to any student in search of inspiration. Our database offers an endless source of ideas that can break any writer’s block or help find a starting point. Using any information published on our website as your own intellectual property is strictly prohibited.

Do you take requests for essays on a specific topic that your database doesn’t have?

You will soon find out that our database is almost endless. Although we have no possibility to take requests, we regularly publish new papers here. We kindly advise you to browse the database once in a while, and maybe you’ll find what you need.

Can I publish my essay on ApeGrade?

In view of our high standards for essays, we prefer to address students ourselves. Still, you can donate your writing by filling in the form on the dedicated page on our website. Once you’ve filled out all the fields, attach the file and press the Send button. We’ll check it, and if it follows our requirements, the essay will appear in our database.

Do you check the essays students send you?

Our editors check all the submitted papers. They correct the grammatical, punctuational, stylistic, or factual mistakes to ensure only the admissible minimum is left. They also verify the citation style rules in such papers.

Which topics do your essay samples cover?

We have essays on every discipline that may require such type of assignment. Our database contains tens of thousands of papers on almost every topic studied at an educational institution of any level. Their complexity ranges from the simplest middle-school essays to university-level research papers.

What is the most efficient way to use your database?

Our samples are a good source of inspiration. If you do not know how to start your essay or where to take information for a tricky topic, browse the database. You will find something similar. Have a look at how other students approached the same task. Then, you can use the bibliography after each sample essay as a point to begin your research. If you would like to include any information from the essay text into your work, you shall cite it according to the selected citation style. It can be easily done using our citation tool at the bottom of every essay page.

Which benefits do I get while using your website?

If writing essays is a challenging task for you, there can be several solutions. First, you may try to handle the task on your own. Second, you may find a friend or relative who knows better. And certainly, nobody will write an essay for free. Moreover, you can be sure about the result only when you complete the assignment by yourself. Our solution is better: you get access to thousands of free essays to use as examples. You get inspired, overcome your writer’s block, explore the various aspects of the topic, familiarize yourself with the given citation style, and get a ready-made bibliography to start the research.

Does your database include essays only, or does it comprise other sorts of papers?

We started by publishing essays. But as our database grew, we decided that there is no point in such limitations. Now, our platform contains almost all types of academic writing, including articles, case studies, reviews, literary analyses, research papers, and more.

Do I get access to complete essays or only snippets?

All papers on ApeGrade are complete works written by students. There is no point for us to publish snippets, as we do ask our visitors to pay for the use of such content. We insist that our resources shall only be used for research purposes. For this reason, we consider that our users would benefit from access to full publications.

I’ve come across a good paper in your database and would like to find similar things. How can I do that?

Each page that contains a sample essay has a section with related papers. It is a valuable tool for further research. Alternatively, you can browse the category of the piece you liked to look for other similar essays.

Can I do something else on your website, in addition to the database research?

We have started a blog on issues related to studies and the academic world. They will be helpful for any student who wants to improve their studying process or find other practical pieces of advice.

Can I remove my essay from your website?

It may happen that after you donated an essay to our database, you’ve changed your mind. In this event, you can send us a request for content removal. You can do it on this page. Fill in the form and press Send button. We will review your message and remove the essay if your request contains all the necessary information.