About ApeGrade

We are glad to meet you on ApeGrade! This page will tell you more about our platform.

We prefer to be straightforward about our activity. That is why we do our best to inform every visitor of our platform about what they can expect from us. Honesty is our prerogative, as it is critical for an exceptional user experience.


ApeGrade The Story

Back in 2013, three students from Manchester were struggling with their essays on English literature. They noticed that once they read each other’s work, their writer’s block disappears, and fresh ideas emerge from nowhere. It was not about stealing other student’s arguments. It was about inspiration. They repeated the same strategy with other assignments, and it did not take long to see the result.

They called it an “upgrade” strategy. Then one of them joked that it was rather an “ape-grade:” monkeys copy each other, but the result is never the same.

It is how the ApeGrade platform emerged. Years passed, and now it is an extensive database on all disciplines. But we will never forget how a small collaboration group benefited from the joint effort.

Our mission

Our mission

We realize the hard time you may be having with your writing assignments. We have been there. Inspiration is a rare guest when deadlines are pressing, and there are dozens of tasks to complete by tomorrow.

This website is designed to turn your studentship into the most insightful experience of your entire life. We can show you that the most challenging assignments are exciting at the same time.

With us, you do not have to ask a friend for help. After all, let friendship be dedicated to more pleasurable things! Our website will help you do everything yourself, enjoying the process. It is what we are after. Studying is pleasurable; just try it.

Boost your creativity with ApeGrade!