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Holistic Nursing: Advantages and Disadvantages


Holistic nursing refers to many nursing practices which have healing of the whole man or women as its primary goal. It involves practices that make use of nursing knowledge and expertise. Holistic nursing is often an area of expertise that takes in medical knowledge, practices, know-how along with feelings to guide healthcare professionals within to become therapeutic partners with individuals into their care. This train acknowledges totality from an individual: man interconnectedness connected with body system, sentiment, nature, social/cultural, context, and mind along with the natural environment. Holistic nursing facilitates on healing. Holistic nurse practitioners reverence every person’s expertise concerning healthy beliefs as well as values. Nurses are the major players in the holistic nursing. Holistic nursing is founded on the effort associated with Florence Nightingale (American Nursing Holistic Association, 2015).

The success of holistic nursing is being facilitated by the variety of health care settings such as delivery designs, integrative health, and fitness as well as large number of hospitals. Integrative health makes use of American and CAM methods along with interventions to be able to accomplish utmost recovering and treatment.

What are the importance and advantages of Holistic Nursing?

Holistic nursing is essential to human beings since it facilitates the healing process to achieve its goal of curing. It is done in different environments such as outpatient clinics, at homes as well as in women and mental health at anyplace. The five-year-old program prepares nurse practitioners to integrate conventional practice skills with holistic techniques, such as assessing energy fields, thought patterns and spirituality.” (Wood, 2015). From the outcome of the review, the Holistic professionals attend the patients. The patient’s physical health and the whole person, in general, is addressed including emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing which is very helping to the patient.

Holistic nursing is crucial because it not only just seeks signs and symptoms, but also it looks at the wholeness of man or women along with all of the means of their particular well-being. This is much better and advantageous. This means that, the idea centers not only around the physical disease, but also with emotional, societal, mental and spiritual issues which are of great assistance to people.

What are the roles of nurses in the holistic care?

They concentrate on contributing to the healing process of patients by incorporating nursing expertise and theories to attend the individual in whole. In addition, “Nurses may incorporate Complementary or Alternative modalities (CAM) into their practice for the purpose of broadening and enriching their care and helping their patients reach optimal levels of healing.” (Gore, 2013).

The nurses usually prescribe according to the legal authorization. They guide and instruct people in regard to herbal, drugs as well as homeopathic regimens. They seek information by consulting to understand the side effects as well as how the herbal interact with medicines (Gore, 2013). They provide relevant information to individuals such as counseling them about conventional healthcare and alternatives.

What are the disadvantages of Holistic Nursing?

First, the actual modern society is entirely ignorant to all holistic health care attention. The biomedical design is imprinted on our culture, and anything at all unique is noticed with skepticism. Holistic nursing ends up not been rated to have excellent advantages (Michelle73, 2000).

Second, almost all of the legislation from the health care subject are usually designed for the particular biomedical design. Any brand-new health care train regardless of whether is optional medication, brand-new technology, sophisticated hi-tech routines are hard to receive popularity and be accepted. Holistic Nursing may take very long time before it is appreciated by the society (Michelle73, 2000).

Third, informative software programs regarding requirements have not been entirely developed in the informative institutions, associations, or from the government. Academic companies must adhere to laws and regulations in reference to degrees/certifications/licensing. People in alternative or even holistic practices get quite a distance to travel in training community to be able to help make improvements (Michelle73, 2000).

Finally, holistic health care might be applied to almost any health care practice but people fail to take an active part as required. Those taking advantage on holistic health care need to take part of their health and fitness. People fail to take contributive part due to lack knowledge or even ignorance since they fail fully to recognize the presence and merits of holistic nursing.


According to the importance of the holistic nursing above, their practices are of help to the society. There is the need for government and institutions to help improvement and recognition of holistic nursing. The challenges facing holistic nursing needs to be addressed by making awareness of holistic nursing to society.


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