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The Medical System Improvement

The medical system requires constant reassessment and improvements to meet the demands of today’s society. First of all, the need for change arises as a result of technological development and industrialization. Medical organizations have to work with new sophisticated equipment and people of different races and moral principles. Researching the topic is important because advances in medicine make it easier for doctors to work, meet patient demands and save more lives. The chosen area for changes in the medical system is implementing new technologies in hospitals; it can be achieved by pursuing reasonable goals through process mapping using Six Sigma and control charts.

The best aim setting is SMART, which comprises specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound goals. As in any business, time deviations can occur, but it is not worth stopping the implementation because of this or thinking that something went wrong (Stibich, 2020). For example, introducing new equipment in a therapy department requires an indication of its exact quantity, compliance with material capabilities, a real need, and a period of several months. The medical care system in hospitals is a complex operation; therefore, its changes must be precisely planned.

Process mapping is necessary to illustrate the flow of activities at different levels. It allows one to plan changes to the smallest detail and make improvements before launching the project. In addition, visual diagrams are pretty simple to assign responsibilities between employees (Gale, 2021). For instance, considering the purpose of introducing equipment, one employee should be responsible for logistics, another for purchasing, and a third for briefing. It will avoid related responsibilities and the likelihood of being missed because of confusion. Displaying processes allow one to visualize the method of achieving a goal and assign responsibilities.

The most suitable process for improving the project is the Six Sigma method because of its versatility. This approach allows one to consider all factors and track the intermediate success of the project. It consists of five criteria, such as to define, measure, analyze, improve and monitor. In hospitals, the introduction of new equipment can help solve the long waiting patient’s problem. Furthermore, physicians will have more time to deliver better patient care and reduce errors (Purdue University, 2021). Six Sigma is a functional and straightforward approach that can be widely used in medicine.

Tracking the results is necessary to understand the correctness of the undertaking and the accuracy of its functioning. The field of health care is very responsible; therefore, errors in implementing changes need to be minimal. The results of the implementation of the project can be tracked in several stages. First, it is necessary to control the delivery, installation of equipment and conduct an introductory briefing. After a month, the organizers should collect feedback, questions, and suggestions. After six months and working through the comments, it is worth monitoring the level of satisfaction of patients and staff. Result tracking helps to understand the success of the idea and further improvement direction.

Healthcare in hospitals is the most important topic for analysis since every person visits this place throughout their lives. To deliver the best quality health care, change must be implemented using clear goals and proven methods. SMART goals need to be set against criteria that will enable them to define need, clarity, and timing. Process planning is the best method to achieve them since it allows one to represent the plan and assign responsibilities graphically. Six Sigma should be used as an improvement process while it covers critical aspects of the implementation process and their analysis. The last point is tracking the results, which should be done to understand the idea’s success and the need to make changes in the future. Improving working conditions and patient satisfaction keeps the health care industry up to date.


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