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Server Performance Problems in the Xyz Inc

As with any other modern multi-layered system of information technology, there can be several complex factors that cause a malfunction in the XYZ Inc. servers. The likelihood of different potential issues examined below depends on the overall condition of the servers, their run time, and the general capacity of the firm-provided maintenance. However, given the premise of customers having to wait extended periods for the printer tasks to be complete, the most obvious issue servers are likely facing is overload. If the hardware is outdated, or the network itself is not configurated accordingly to the required performance, the servers might be generally unable to process the necessary number of orders during peak times. This problem is the easiest to identify and, perhaps, one of the most difficult ones to fix, since it is likely to require an upgrade within the entire network.

The second potential issue with the XYZ Inc. servers could concern power outrages. If the internal electronic connection is interrupted mid-operation, the necessary emergency updates would significantly slow down the response time from the customers’ perspective. Power outages caused by extreme weather, faulty electrical equipment inside or outside the server facility, or blackouts caused by high power use are all issues. As staff tackle problems with devices that are under intense workloads or are restarting every time power drop below optimal levels. An uninterruptible power supply should be installed throughout the firm’s facilities to handle the transition to backup power sources to avoid downtime (Moore, 2020). Individual on-site generators should be purchased, tested, and maintained by the staff team to keep key systems running during outages. Furthermore, employed experts could fuel storage facility, test them for contamination from natural catastrophes regularly, and keep it safe from potential security breaches.

A third potential issue with the server network is related to overheating, dust, contamination, and other areas of temperature management. To work efficiently, server hardware and related components require particular components, such as adequate cooling and moisture removal, as well as protection from extreme temperatures. Overheated or underheated server rooms can cause hardware to fail, resulting in downtime. Hardware component corrosion can be caused by excessive humidity. It puts employees in danger because the hardware could short-circuit and electrocute surrounding personnel. The management team can employ a managed service provider (MSP) to manage your server facilities to prevent environmental conditions from harming your hardware. MSPs often have well-kept facilities and people that can ensure that the XYZ Inc. servers are well-cared for and unaffected by environmental factors. For any cloud-related gear and software, it is possible to engage with a cloud or hosting firm. These companies have specialized employees, training, and resources to provide today’s organizations with high-quality, highly available IT services.

The fourth potential issue with servers is related to a failure in performing a required update, which can in turn be caused by software or hardware factors. Servers with obsolete firmware can experience performance issues, which can lead to further issues like bad database connections or bandwidth bottlenecks. Other times, suppliers will only release firmware upgrades if users specifically request them, rather than scheduling them for all clients (Borgini, 2020). A proper update strategy might assist the company’s employees in avoiding update troubles in the long run. The team should think about how to keep all apps, firmware, and operating systems up to date, as well as how to communicate with external vendors. Maintaining contact with vendors ensures that they receive all updates, whether or not they are delivered automatically. XYZ Inc.’s team should take part in regular assessments of all update methods and create a scalability plan that explains how systems can scale up or down as needed.

Additionally, XYZ Inc.’s management team might be facing server performance issues due to breaches in the physical maintenance of the technology involved. Because they’re constantly subjected to excessive vibration, data centers located in insufficient facilities, such as those near high-traffic streets, garages, or construction zones, might strain the hardware. Even bad flooring can harm disk drives by transmitting vibrations from employees’ footsteps through the racks to the devices (Borgini, 2020). Inadequate cabling inside facilities should be avoided, as tightly bundled cabling might lead to devise failures or performance issues. If cables aren’t identified, staff may mistakenly unplug a server, causing unintentional bottlenecks or overloading other devices as systems reroute data. Zip ties or Velcro straps should be provided by data center management to better bundle cables. XYZ Inc. employees may create hardware installation and removal protocols to guarantee that all devices are handled properly and safely. Their management should be involved in conversations about new data center sites so that any criteria for preventing future hardware damage can be provided.

In conclusion, potential solutions to the suboptimal performance and the malfunction of the servers stem directly from a range of issues that might be behind the original problems. It is advisable for XYZ Inc. staff to perform a systemic assessment of their network and the overall infrastructure. It is crucial to attracting external specialists, if necessary, to reduce the possibility of human error at any stage of the diagnostic or optimization.


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