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John Hopkins Hospital’s Successful Marketing

The success of business enterprises in many sectors of the economy depends on robust marketing. Healthcare organizations are no exception to disseminating targeted messages to increase the demand for the organizations’ products. Several players within the same industry providing the same services and products demand that healthcare organizations employ strategic marketing to succeed. Therefore, healthcare organizations should design and execute branding of products and services for the success of marketing. For this reason, it is essential to discuss John Hopkins Hospital, which has managed to brand its products and services successfully.

The Healthcare Organization

John Hopkins Hospital is located in Baltimore, Maryland State, United States. It functions as a teaching and biomedical research institution that serves the John Hopkins School of Medicine. Therefore, the hospital, which started in 1889, serves to provide patient care and medical education to healthcare professionals. The institution has undergone tremendous transformations to become one of the major teaching and research hospitals in the United States with schools of Medicine and nursing (The John Hopkins Hospital. n.d.). The facility has expanded to include several medical centers small-scale hospitals. Recently, John Hopkins Hospital has emerged to champion the provision of high-quality patient care. For instance, Golden et al. (2017) posited that the Diabetes Clinical Community of John Hopkins Medicine’s Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality designed a gap analysis tool to identify and address inequalities in the provision of diabetes care. Consequently, the analysis tool identified the need to synchronize resources to ensure the delivery of high-quality diabetes care. Therefore, John Hopkins Hospital is a successful brand among healthcare organizations.

Effectiveness of Products and Services Marketing

Healthcare institutions strive to ensure operational success through successful marketing interventions to increase and maintain the demand for their products and services. Moreover, healthcare organizations ensure that their products and services conform to public health’s ten essential services, according to the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC). Consequently, healthcare organizations implement community health evaluation concepts to identify the organization’s target market and subsequently develop the product mix (Al-Azzam, 2016). Therefore, the success of John Hopkins Hospital’s promotion depends on intensive community health assessment and marketing mix that comprises the elements; product, place, price, and promotion.

Community Health Assessment

The healthcare needs of communities attract healthcare institutions to provide solutions to the communities. For this reason, John Hopkins Hospital utilizes Community Health Improvement Guiding Principles established by the John Hopkins Medicine Community Benefits Advisory Council to conduct community health needs assessment and entrench collaboration with the community Berkowitz et al. (2016). Consequently, the partnership between John Hopkins Hospital and community leaders provides an opportunity to establish a working relationship. Subsequently, the community organizers offer essential information on the community’s health needs while guiding the hospital to deliver services that meet the identified community health demands. Moreover, the working relationship between the hospital and the community ensures the facility incorporates the resources of the hospital with the academic division to address mutually agreed health objectives. Therefore, the partnership between the hospital and the community establishes a working relationship that ultimately builds the organization’s brand. Additionally, the hospital utilizes the community assessment to identify its target market for health improvement interventions.

Product Mix


John Hopkins Hospital delivers high-quality patient care regardless of age, religion, sex, race, or ethnicity. For this reason, healthcare products and services remain competitive in the market. The success of the healthcare services delivery is credited to the community of motivated resident doctors, physicians, nurses, and specialists in different medical disciplines (Apilado, 2021). Moreover, the facility conducts in-depth biomedical research to generate scientific evidence for high-quality patient care. Additionally, the institution utilizes healthcare technology to ensure the efficient delivery of patient care services. Therefore, patient-centered care, research, and technology have enabled the facility to remain competitive in the market.


High-quality patient services with competitive prices attract healthcare consumers. Therefore, the teaching and research capacity of the hospital prepares competent healthcare professionals. Consequently, the hospital charges considerably lower prices for student-provided healthcare services that serve to give back to the community (Apilado, 2021). Moreover, the hospital specialist services including neurology are significantly lower than the rest of the health facilities. Therefore, the pricing is competitive while maintaining high-quality patient care.


The hospital’s physical address is a highly populated Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Therefore, the significantly large population of Maryland provides a market to John Hopkins Hospital. Moreover, the facility has several other smaller hospitals and medical centers such as John Hopkins Bayview Medical Centre. Therefore, the strategic location at Baltimore with expansions countrywide enables the organization to access a larger market of communities requiring health services.


John Hopkins Hospital engages in several community projects. Consequently, through a partnership with community organizers and members, the facility can design transparent, cohesive procedures for planning, implementing, evaluating, and transmitting tenable health refinement programs (Berkowitz et al. 2016). Additionally, the facility conducts extensive biomedical research which connects the facility with various stakeholders. Therefore, the community engagements with scientific research help to perpetuate the brand of the hospital among the target consumers.


Healthcare organizations undertake deliberate measures to reach consumers of their products and services. Moreover, according to CDC, the organizations should offer services and products consistent with the ten essential services of public health. Additionally, the success of healthcare institutions necessitates strategic management including intensive marketing. Therefore, John Hopkins Hospital has successfully reached its target market by executing community health needs assessment and market mix.


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