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Frequency Intensity Time and Type


Frequency Intensity Time and Type FITT, is a principle used in exercising that aim at getting the most out of a given program (Williamson, 2013). It involves the use of the entire four parts of the principle to achieve a comprehensive workout plan for fitness. When deciding on a fitness plan, one has to consider the frequency of the exercise that gives the maximum results. The acceptable minimum standard for fitness exercises is two to three times in every seven days (Williamson, 2013). Again the intensity of the exercise is a factor to consider and it is recommended that a person should stretch or exercise to the point where they feel tension but not pain (Williamson, 2013). Every exercise has to be time bound to maintain consistency 15-30 minutes at least. Lastly, one has to identify the type of exercise they want to engage in.

Enhancing flexibility

Niyah has made the right decision in choosing to do something about her weight. Weight exercises are diverse and they achieve different goals depending on the type. Cheering activities are very involving and they require the maximum range of flexibility. Although Niyah goes out for dances every weekend, that may not be enough exercise to stretch her muscles. Cheering activities involve flexibility and masculine endurance. Flexibility is the range of one’s body movements and it prevents injuries and soreness after physical exercises (Williamson, 2013). Muscle endurance is the ability of muscles to continue working effectively and continuously over a period (Williamson, 2013).

Stretching is a good exercise for improving one’s flexibility and Niyah should consider this option. This exercise should begin with a ten-minute walk for warming up to prepare the body for the session. After taking the walk, then she can begin stretching and gradually in a progressive manner until she feels some tension within her muscles. As mentioned earlier, the feeling must not be painful but she should feel tension, the two are different. While stretching, she must ensure that the muscles at her point of focus are well stretched.


There are different types of stretching and they include Hamstring Stretch, Neck Stretch, Quadriceps Stretch, Arm Stretch, Thigh Stretch, and Knee Lift. Hamstring stretch involves lying down with one’s back and folding the legs to touch the thigh. This is done one leg at a time with 10-second intervals. The neck stretch involves touching one’s ear with his or her shoulder as well as touching the chest with the chin. This can be repeated for a couple of times. Quadriceps involves standing up straight and using your hands, you grab your legs one at a time towards your back. This also can be done in intervals of ten seconds for each leg.

Arm stretching is a very effective exercise to increase flexibility. You place your hand on one arm and then using the other hand you grab the elbow and squeeze it toward your chest. She should also try sitting down on the flow with her legs laid straight and then lean forward until she feels the tension in her thighs (Williamson, 2013). This again can be repeated for some time according to the schedule. Knee lift also can be very useful in allowing and enhancing flexibility. This is done through lying down with one’s back on lifting one’s knee towards his or her chest. This exercise can be done on a daily basis for at least 30-45 minutes and if possible in the morning and in the evening.

Improving masculine enduarance

To improve muscle endurance, she could consider running or morning jogging activities or walking. These activities help in improving the cardiovascular activities and the recommended standard time as mentioned earlier for an effective exercise should not be less than 20 minutes three times in a week. As the body gets used to it, she should later involve running up hilly terrains, which will help in increasing muscle strength. Weight lifting also increases muscle endurance and this purpose, the weight should be decreased by the amount of repetitions should be increased.

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