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Business Process Models for Jordon@Topdog

Through standardized diagrams, companies can use BPMN to visualize and better understand their internal business processes. As a result, associations will respond to B2B CEO scenarios more effectively by better detecting their own internal and external weaknesses (Adamo et al., 2018, p. 139). If a person is looking for an affordable option for dog care, look no further than Jordon@TopDog. Dogs are an essential component of any family, and the household’s top dog realizes this. Thus, the most important thing is to keep the dog’s physical appeal in check. BPMN’s primary goal was to provide supplementary documents that can be understood by all individuals who enter the company, from the most significant corporate assessor to the financial specialists who may supervise and computer monitor the company (Wiśniewski, 2017, p. 01002). The BPMN removes obstacles in effectively implementing a process management cycle (Corradini et al., 2017, p. 219). The BPMN is easy to use, but it has many applications. In this case study, the phases associated with Jordon@TopDog’s various business units were modeled using BPMN 2.0 (Wiśniewski et al., 2017, p. 133). Jordon@TopDog will help maintain and improve the numerous workouts and advances already in place.

Models of The Business: Those in Use Now and Those to Come

The figure below shows the current and the anticipated business models used by Jordon@TopDog. The organization is now going through several different phases. When a customer walks into a store, a model displays the sequence of events that must take place. A model of the business cycle is also included.

Current Business Model
Figure 1 Current Business Model
Anticipated business model
Figure 2 Anticipated business model

Strategic Analysis

The business climate of a company is inspected as a feature of the strategic analysis process. The capacity of an association to use wise judgment and run as expected is reliant upon strategic analysis. The strategic analysis can help an organization meet targets or objectives (Grant, 2021). Firms should lead fundamental investigations consistently to distinguish regions that should be improved, just like those that are now performing great. Altogether, for various things to be practical, it should execute advantageous changes. The mission and objectives of an organization require fundamental strategic analysis (Lonsdale and Kane, 2019). Each of the world’s best associations has long stretches of vital preparation set up at different schedules. Strategic analysis requires a constant readiness and speculation flow as a drawn-out attempt.

Swot Analysis of Jordon@Topdog


The efficacy of an organization is primarily contributed by continuously carrying out a swot analysis. Jordon@TopDog strength includes the following highlighted below.

  1. The company has gained a good reputation in its area of operation. Jordon@TopDog is identified as an experienced dog groomer with a solid local reputation. Organizational success is primarily contributed by the kind of reputation they gain in their area of operation (Falcone et al., 2020, p.101910). An organization with a good reputation always has firm sustainability.
  2. Jordon@TopDog is recognized as one of the experienced dog groomers, and they are well known for performing excellent work and delivering standard services to its customer.
  3. Jordon@TopDog has characterized a passion for its activities and service delivery. An organization with a passion for its operation and service delivery usually has an excellent reason to continue operating since they daily gain customers due to satisfying demand.
  4. Jordon@TopDog has been known for not imposing a fee on essential services. That has given the company strength since they are affordable. Typically, affordability is a factor that largely contributes to rapid business growth, and companies should consider prioritizing the aspect.

Weakness of Jordon@TopDog

  1. The company has no online presence; thus, they have an old age mode of operation.
  2. Jordon@TopDog is prone to the old method of payment. In the current error of technological changes, most customers prefer online payment rather than cash payment.
  3. The mode of advertisement in Jordon@TopDog is rather not satisfactory since it uses only word of mouth. Companies with a suitable mode of advertisement draw more customers to their environment, increasing business success. Word of mouth in Jordon@TopDog limits the company from reaching more customers than an online advertisement.


Threats come about suppose there is a modification in a business’s internal and external environment. Some of the threat that might arise in the course of operation of Jordon@TopDog includes the following.

  1. A change in the competitive environment would significantly threaten the organization’s operation. That can happen if a new organization with a modernized method of operation comes into the local areas where Jordon@TopDog is operating.
  2. A country economy can be a significant threat to the company operation. Suppose there is a decline in the country economy, the operation of Jordon@TopDog will be affected negatively. Contrarily, if there is an increase in the country’s economy, then the organization will be affected positively.
  3. One fact is that the Jordon@TopDog is a sole proprietorship. That implies if the owner gets to sit, the organization will have to be shut down. That is indeed a significant threat to its operation and must be considered.


Various environmental conditions can help the organization grow in its operation. The following are some of the conditions in Jordon@TopDog that will positively impact the organization’s operation is taken into consideration.

  1. The idea of changing its operation from analogue way to modernized way will positively improve the organization. That can be achieved by creating online platforms, and social media account to facilitate its operations.
  2. Franchising is one opportunity Jordon@TopDog can venture into to increase its market coverage. Franchising will also help people identify and gain a passion for god and open other similar organizations under Jordon@TopDog.
  3. The organization can venture into the international market and gain a good reputation and brand recognition. That will increase the organization’s sales and give the firm solid sustainability.

Open Source Software Comparison Table

The term open source refers to anything that others can modify and share. The software industry invented the term to define a specific programming method. They all accept the principles of community-oriented development that are championed in free-to-use software projects and initiatives like Linux and open-source software (Zhang et al., 2019, p. 138). An open-source software product allows anybody to inspect, edit, and improve the software’s source code (Smith et al., 2020, p.184108). The code that computer programmers can tweak to alter how a piece of software program or application, as it is called, works is something that the vast majority of computer users never see. To improve a computer program, developers who have access to the source code can add new features or fix portions that do not always work correctly (Spinellis et al., 2020, p. 537). According to several studies, OSS has evolved and is constantly developing into a program that cannot be ignored since it blends numerous elements into one product. It is cost-effective, delivers high-quality software, and assures rapid time to market (Bogart et al., 2021, p. 5). This research employs the BOCR evaluation, a strategic planning method that aids in determining the appropriate software to utilize. A comparative assessment for the numerous OSS software appropriate for the study can be seen in the table below.

Open Source Software Comparison Table

Significance Expense Opportunity Threat Rate
Overall features Visual aspect Accommodative Sustenance and training
Support more than one enterprise with a diverse payment system It is friendly to its operators Incur expense since it is not free Very accommodative and easy to use. Training is quite expensive, and its support is costly The application is averagely trusted. 8.5
Various features are supported by it, including project management, accounting, sale management, and purchase management. It facilitates easy workflow where the customer can effectively interact with the business service. The com unity version of Odoo is not paid for compared to its enterprise version. It gives users ease in operation, thus regarded as the most straightforward application in business cases. Characterized to have average support and free training is offered by the application. The application ave gained an excellent reputation, and it is highly trusted due to its ability to offer very few or negligible errors. 9.0
Perfexcrm (www.perfexcrm.com) One significant feature of the application is its ability to offer customer retention. It is also able to offer project management ability and organization goal tracking. It is user friendly due to its user-friendly interface. It is not offered freely; thus, it is costly Its ability to offer ease of goal tracking gives it’s a good reputation. Its offer training to its user and has good support. Software is trusted 8.5
OroCRM (oroinc.com) Customer experience is one of the priorities of the application. It is recognized to have an excellent user interface. The application is not free. One of the easiest to use and user friendly It has appropriate training for its users and offers support. Trusted. 8.5
Prestashop (www.prestashop.com) It has a more specific payment method feature with adequate client support. Good and services are displayed according to the user desire, thus offering a user-friendly interface. It is free; thus, no cost incurs. It is relatively not easy to use, thus offer ng difficulty in setup. It has reasonable training and support for its users. The software is not satisfactory; thus, not much trusted. 7.0
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