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Aspects of Birds Flu

This article provides the research and tests regarding birds’ flu commonly found in both humans and birds. It provides information on how one can be infected with flu and how this virus can be transmitted from birds to human beings. Infection from humans to humans has been proved to be hardly transmitted. This is an insinuation that it can only be transmitted from domestic birds such as ducks and hens among others to humans. This has been shown by CDC organizations and other recognized health research organizations.

This bird flu is caused by avian bird influenza, thus it can also be referred to as the avian flu (CDC, 2010). This influenza is a natural birds disease, but it has been witnessed to disappear without any treatments in domestic birds. Influenza is usually carried by the birds in their feces and saliva among other body parts. Coming into direct contact with any fluid where infected birds were, may cause infection. According to CDC (2010), it can be caused by coming into contact with any poultry fluid and direct contact with the surfaces or bodies of infected birds may cause infection.

Avian influenza has been proved to exist in two main forms, that are low and high pathogenic forms. Low pathogenic influenza has been known to cause extremely minor diseases in poultry that may be infected. On the other hand, highly pathogenic influenza is associated with very dangerous diseases which may lead to the death of poultry. These are the two known pathogenic influenzas and their effect on poultry which is related to the avian influenzas.

If human beings come into contact with infected poultry or any surfaces which have been associated with infected poultry, avian flu can be transformed. Humans who have been infected with avian influenza can be recognized by certain symptoms. These symptoms include fever, cough, muscle aching, and dangerous respiratory tract diseases among other life-hazardous complications.

Alongside CDC, National Wildlife Health Centre has also confirmed that between the two main existing forms of pathogenic influenza, the high pathogenic H5N1 influenza has caused the most serious effects, such as death and serious illness in humans (NWHC, 2012). World Health Organization commonly referred to as WHO has indicated that other subtypes of avian influenzas, such as H7N7 and H9N2, have harsh and subclinical effects on humans. In support of avian flu influenza existence, a China National Health Security (NHS) has confirmed 41 cases of humans with its infections. Since 2003, 28 of these cases have led to dangerous results among infected humans, proving it to be a deadly disease (NHS, 2011).

The only good side of avian influenza is that it cannot be transmitted from human to human. This only happens when the influenza is not transformed into a form that can be transmitted from one person to another in a very fast way. The form which can be transmitted from one person to another has been witnessed in regions like Africa, Asia, and Europe among other places. It was found that there exist about 600 forms of this infection which occurred without the presence of birds possessing influenza.

This article provides clear details on avail flu but in a more summarized manner. It provides information on how this avian influenza occurs and how it can be transformed from either bird to humans or human to human transmission. This has been illustrated by different research groups making it to be a reliable source of information regarding avian flu.


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