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A Psychiatric Hospital Proposition Project

Fictional Agency

This project presents a psychiatric hospital proposition. The name of the select agency is the Center for Psychiatric Care Research Support (CPRS). The agency is set to be open 24 Hours. The mission statement is to promote psychiatric health and quality of life by advocating for technology and psychedelics to manage severe mental distress. Mental problems are prevalent across the globe, but their rate of treatment has not improved to the same amount as physical conditions. We provide a framework for encouraging quality measurement to enhance the quality of mental health treatment in this project. We identify critical impediments to this effort, including a lack of specific mobile computing data sources, a shortage of scientific data for behavioural health measurement methods, a dearth of provider training and support, and language problems to assimilating mental health care into the general hospital setting.

Description of the CPRS

The CPRS is set as an NGO that advocates for mental health awareness that targets people in extreme psychological distress. The location is set in Austin, Texas. The study shows that the town ranks among the top having the most people in financial distress (Bindman & Cox, 2018). North Las Vegas has the highest average number of financial accounts in pain. Indianapolis ranks worst in the credit score category, looking at average credit scores and changes in credit score. The intention is to introduce innovations such as virtual reality and psychedelics in managing extreme mental health distress.

Justification for Area of Mental Health

Mental health issues such as paranoia is a significant health concern globally as its triggers other psychological distress issues and sicknesses. The areas of focus include innovation in psychological distress management. The project attempt to address the increased risk of opportunistic diseases, incident arthritis, vulnerability to cardiovascular diseases, increased chances of hypertension, leading causes of suicide. The project recognizes that mental disorders account for 32% of disability years and 13% of disability-adjusted life-years worldwide (Bindman & Cox, 2018). Additionally, individuals with these illnesses have increased morbidity from general medical problems and a greater chance of early death. Disparities in treatment quality and outcomes are particularly severe for racial/ethnic minorities and those with a lower socioeconomic position among people with mental disorders. There is a justified need for innovation.

Pictures of the Agency

The setting is specifically designed to help the patient focus on their mental health. Today, excessive noise and interruption may be frustrating. Finding a quiet space to reflect on our lives may be a welcome reprieve. One must battle with the racket that distracts us physically, mentally, and spiritually. Not only can silence give solace, but it can also assist us in effectively meditating. Our thoughts can calm down in peace and allow for proper focus. The exterior stillness transforms into inner silence, which affects a great deal. Due to the tranquillity surrounding us, we can observe our brains from a new perspective. Meditation requires silence. It requires concentration. However, we cannot focus in the absence of silence. Outer serenity assists individuals in discovering their inner stillness.

Services the Agency Offers

In addressing the quality disparity, CPRS offers three services: psychiatric counselling and Mass sensitization, virtual reality meditation support, and research in psychedelic support in mental health. This experiment establishes that anxiety, depression, drug abuse, alcoholism, and post-traumatic stress disorder may benefit from psychedelic-assisted therapy. Alcohol and drug use disorders: Early study indicated that LSD might aid in the rehabilitation process from addictions.

Psychiatric counselling and mass sensitization are also presented as a new service space. According to CPRS, mental health counsellors may assist in treating mental health disorders and other causes of suffering, such as relationship difficulties or grief. They do this by providing a safe environment for individuals to express their emotions and teaching them valuable skills and coping mechanisms. The services include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy support, Psychodynamic therapy management, Dialectical behavior therapy management, Psychologists counselling and complex mental health disorder sensitization.

Virtual Reality Meditation support is also presented as a department. This project notes that when meditation is combined with virtual reality technology, it may be more accurate and individualized, as well as shorten the learning curve. Additionally, while using a headset, you are actually transported, which makes it simpler to shut out any external distractions and concentrate. CPRS provides distraction-blocking headset, VR meditation software, training support, developing medication music for therapy, and supplying data to agencies for research.

The CPRS acknowledges that psychedelics may enhance neuroplasticity at the cellular and network level, enabling the brain to develop and restructure connections. This presents an unprecedented potential to alter brain activity patterns, improve symptoms, behaviour, and functioning, and eventually eliminate suffering. However, much remains unknown about how these psychedelic chemicals stimulate neuronal plasticity in the brain. Initial clinical trials indicate that a single dosage of a psychedelic substance in a therapeutic environment results in rapid and lasting symptoms.

Payment Options

CPRS payment options include Medicare, Medicaid, Direct-purchase coverage and TRICARE. Private company pay and self-sponsored direct payments are also accepted. This kind of action would guarantee that the firm does not deny coverage to those suffering from a variety of mental health issues. As is usually the case with almost any kind of health problem, insurance company requirements differ. As a result, there is no universally applicable policy when it comes to mental health. Such cover ensures that the patient can a access treatment from the different multi-disciplinary teams.

Qualifications of agency staff

The agency works with a set of multidisciplinary teams that ensure quality control. CPRS appreciates that by collaborating with an interdisciplinary approach, one can treat the patient holistically and offer complete treatment. With each physician focusing on a distinct component of the patient’s health, doctors are more likely to detect and effectively manage areas of need. All these teams have specific roles that address the needs of the patients.

Roles of Agency Staff

In defining the roles, CPRS appreciates that Disorders of cognition, emotion, and behaviour are often treatable with medication and various other psychotherapeutic interventions. In essence, a psychiatrist’s role is to screen patients for mental problems, make a diagnosis, and recommend a course of therapy or administration for the participant’s benefit. The team ensure that quality care is delivered to the patient.

Agency Operations and Funding

CPRS is set to acquire requisite licenses based on applications made for 5150 Authorization. The agency currently serves 144 patients on a research basis, is fully staffed and has 132 online requests on the wait-list for services. The research participants are handled based on the ethical codes of conduct that guides research. The research id one to improve on the quality of decision making at the management levels. Such interventions help support the goal of the mission. The intention is to raise $17 million in funding from different support institutions. Researchers will build on existing studies and increase their understanding of psychedelics for sickness and wellbeing. In terms of funding, the objective is to develop new treatments for a broader range of psychiatric and maladaptive behaviours with the ultimate goal of tailoring treatments to the unique requirements of individual patients and expanding investigations in healthy volunteers with the ultimate goal of establishing new avenues for human wellbeing. The funding sources for research include grants.gov grants, National Science Foundation grants and National Science Foundation grants.

Goals for the Agency

The primary goal is to advance psychiatric care into the space of consciousness and mind control. The purposes for expansion include hopes to expand beyond Austin, Texas, to a larger US market and open research on new markets such as South America and Africa.


Generally, the Center for Psychiatric Care Research Support (CPRS) seeks to advance quality in psychiatric care has a mission to promote psychiatric health and quality of life by advocating for technology and psychedelics in the management of severe mental distress. The agency currently operates in Austin, Texas, on a 24 Hour basis and hopes to innovate and iintroduce virtual reality and psychedelics in managing extreme mental health distress.


Bindman, A. B., & Cox, D. F. (2018). Changes in health care costs and mortality associated with transitional care management services after a discharge among Medicare beneficiaries. JAMA internal medicine, 178(9), 1165-1171.

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